Who are those guys!

Greenbriar Consulting is a Greenbriar Capital, Inc. firm - a small, boutique Consulting and Business Services firm headquartered in Southern California.  We prefer to work from home offices, with overall coordination provided by high-tech Intranets.  We rarely meet our Clients - what we do is actually done best online.

We seek out newer, smaller firms who may just be starting out and, who are searching - some without realizing it - for a Business Solutions Partner, who can provide all their consulting needs in a single firm.  Also, unlike the larger firms, we offer our Preferred Client Status to start-ups - allowing them to save 50% on all downstream work after the first engagement.  That can add up to $'000s!


As your business grows and changes, you have us to rely on to effect the proportional changes. We can do this effectively and inexpensively, because we are the ones who built your infrastructure in the first place.  That makes change almost enjoyable!  Come and join us!

James A. Roberts