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The Business Planning Process:

Step 1:  Analysis. Our process starts with the analysis of your situation and detailed discussions to understand your Plan purpose.   A Venture Capital Plan has a different format/content than that for an SBA Loan. Step 1 ends with a formalized Quote and a detailed Planning Schedule.

Step 2:  Business Plan Development:  We then take you through each of the 10-12 primary Sections of the Plan itself, devoting the appropriate level of detail and concentration on each.  It includes Industry Research and the creative, structuring and copy-writing process - the real meat of business planning.

Step 3:  Strategic Planning Review and Modification  Next, we rewrite, modify and polish your Plan until it's as good, clear and all-inclusive as we can make it.  The result is a Business Plan that will not only achieve its goals - whether funding request support or general plan usage for recruiting and management, but also a Plan that leads the way into the actual start-up of Operations.  Finally, it stands the test of time - becoming a priceless asset.

Step 4:  Financial Statements Development  Finally, we participate with you in developing and completing your Financial Statements - Income Statements, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Analysis.  Once your Plan is complete, the Financial Statements flow clearly and concisely.   



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