Greenbriar Consulting is proud to announce another 'First' for the Business Consulting Industry.

We have just completed our extensive Testing Phase and are now releasing the "Getting Funded" Master Video Series.  It is the most comprehensive and authoritative single source for the Video Presentation of everything that a Startup Entrepreneurial Team needs to know and do to obtain the Funding with which to execute and/or begin Startup Operations.  While there are many sources of this information, they typically are either scattered, too general or with insufficient action-oriented instruction so as to support thorough execution.  


We are presenting, in this 10-Video "Getting Funded" Master Series everything you need to know and do - it's what we call "Where to go; What to do; and How to do it".  If you haven't done so yet, watch the complete Summary Overview video [above] and decide for yourself if you'd like access to this powerful, one-of-a-kind, 10-Video Series.  If so, there are two options to obtain access to this Master Video Library:  1) Buy it outright, by 'Clicking' on the Buy Now button below, or 2) Purchase a Startup Package [which includes a Business Plan, Funding Promo Video, Website, Logo, etc....and the "Getting Funded" Master Video Series.  Upon successful completion of either of these options, you will receive an Email Confirmation within 24 Hours [usually 1 hour] with your own, personal Password.


However you obtain access, the procedure for viewing these 10 Videos is the same:  Click the "Access Videos Now" Button below to go to the Video Library Page and enter your Password to obtain previliged access. Then watch as many of the Videos as often as you and your Team Members need to, to obtain the vital information you need.


Purchase the "Getting Funded"
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