Startups Fly with Crowdfunding -

get up to $250K in just 40 Days!

If you are a Startup and need funding, you can forget about banks or the SBA!  


But there is a great way to fund your Startup with FREE money that you never pay back!! YES, it’s called CrowdFunding and it works like a Grant [No Payback; No Debt] for any type of business.  It is Non-taxable because it’s not considered as Income!

You don’t need any Credit or Track Record of Business Success – just a great idea and the proper motivation!! 


Check out the Crowdfunding Master Video [at the right] then give us a call.

Call us any time [including weekends] at 8.00 83.9 329 0.


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Class I: no longer available. It was done without Video- now a necessity.

Class II: 90% of our Clients need this one.

Class III: required only if your funding goal exceeds $250K.