Caronavirus Update:

Thus far, the Caronavirus has had no effect on Investor Funding Deals.

Investor Startup Packages


   $0-5 M

Class I


  $6-15 M

Class II


Class III

    $16+ M

Are you seeking an Investor for your Startup or growing business. Do you have a Patented invention, a deal pending or on the shelf that just needs serious money to launch it? Real Estate; Bitcoin; Cannabis?  If you need a $Million or more, then you need an Equity Investor.

For the type of Investor you are seeking, you will need to connect with interested Investors [Angels/VC] and they are rarely on Craigslist.

To 'play' in the big time VC Investing world, you need to be on the primary VC Investor Hub: EquityNet[linked Equity Investors with Startups totaling $1B+!!] To get a Profile on this website you will need all of the elements in the Investor Startup Package [that my firm provides] and...YOU WON'T GET PHONE CALLS WITHOUT THEM!

Our firm produces all the elements that you will need in order to be successful when posting a profile on EquityNet – Graphical Business Plan, Investor Website, Logo and a professionally done and legal Promo Video.

Give us a call at 800-839-3290 and we’ll shoot you an email with all the Links and a Quote so you can see what you’ll be getting.  Please include a brief description of your Startup and the level of Funding you seek.  Please Call – don’t email.

   $0-5 M

How we get you funded!

To see the different alternatives for obtaining funding, click this link.