Strategic  Planning

Strategic Planning is an advanced Management Consulting Service offered to exclusive Clients here at Greenbriar.  We have been providing fully integrated Strategy Sessions - leading to Tactical Planning - with a Feasibility Study, Business Plan, Funding Promo Video and Marketing Website - for almost 20 years.  We pride ourselves on our ability to get inside the Client's thought processes and determine their best course of action for the development and deployment of Tactical and Operational Goals and Objectives - with the implementation skills to bring it all the most rapid pace...for the least cost.

Clearly, we are not 'selling' this Service to Clients who have this all thought out and planned out.  For those who do - we offer implementation engagements [the development of the necessary Deliverables:   Business Plans, Funding Promo Videos and Marketing Websites].  

This is specifically for Clients who recognize that they DO NOT have this all thought out and ready to implement.  ​For those who definitely know that they are simply NOT there yet we offer singularly unique and results-oriented Strategic Planning - delivered by our CEO, Jim Roberts.  Winning a Nomination for the 2016 International Consultancy Award is our proudest achievement and our best Reference.

For an informal discussion about Steps, Process, Results, Timing and Fees - call us at 800-839-3290.