Strategic Planning

Need a Business Plan?  Here's your chance to get one at 50% of what big consulting firms charge with a 66% funding success ratio. Welcome to the hottest business Consulting firm in the U.S.  It's very simple:  Most recent entries into the world of business are all looking for the same things: a Business Plan - to secure their funding; Marketing Elements - to describe their new Products and Services; and finally PowerPoint Presentations to present them.  That is exactly what we do - and we do it at half the going National Consulting Rates.  How do we do that?  It's simple - we are a boutique firm with only two Principals and a small supporting staff. Among us we have some of the most talented, dedicated and inspired Consultants in the U.S. Your Business Planning experience will produce a final product that ranks among the highest in terms of its probability of success in getting funded.  The Strategic Planning process that we take your business through will result in an on-target business plan.  We just turn the dreams of Clients into fantastic reality.  


A BP is a concise presentation of your business strategy, mission and goals and objectives. Developing business plans can be frustrating and is scary to some people - but it need not be. The process is not only easily understood, but with our help you'll see your plan begin to take shape in a matter of days.  We take you through the entire process - from the highest level Strategy-setting, through Operational Planning, Sales, Marketing - even Training and Staffing.  Finally, we'll shepherd you through what most people view as the hardest part - the Financial Statements and Funding Request Sections.  Best of all it's a business plan in your words.

Business Planning

Business Plans:

We develop Business Plans for every type of business in every type of situation - our business plan will work for SBA-Loan usage to Venture Capital.

PowerPoint Presentations:​
We create the most compelling and creative PPT Presentations around, each with a custom-designed, Slide template.

Marketing Strategy/Design:

We build your Brand and the supporting elements: Websites, Blogs, Videos, Brochures, and Newsletters.